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This is a gallery of photographs by Paul: click on any picture or text to see all pictures in that gallery. Click + or - to move through, or  the  play button for a slide show or the right hand button for full screen display.

St Martin de Bréhal

- a sandy, safe beach near Granville, quiet and unfashionable


- a wonderful town in the Auvergne volcanic region, with a week long mediaeval fair.

Mont St Michel

- one of the wonders of the world

Le Tour de France 2011 -

Stage 6, Avranches to Lisieux via Brécey


- another safe and sandy beach

Grape harvesting

- the Côtes de Rhone wine harvest (le vendage).

Le Trot

- a wierd form of horse racing, here training on the beach at Jullouville.


- Roman town, with amazing bridge and ruins, and a huge roman theatre

Abbaye de la Lucerne d’Outremer

- twelfth century monastery


- medieval town with huge market

La Bagottiére

- our original home in Normandy

Trot le Tour 2011 La Bag StMartin MSM Jullouville Lucerne Grape harvest Puy-en-Velays Vaison Vaison Nyons

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