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Averil Ridgway & Paul Nethercott
La Saillanderie
50370 Les Cresnays

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This is the personal web site for Averil and Paul. We bought the hlouse at La Saillanderie at the end of Novemebr 2010. It was part renovated, but left unfinished for about 15 years. We chose it becxause we could complete the changes to our preferences, without having to remove much of what had been done. Click on La Bag above for lots of pictures, before during and after the work. We rather like it now..

La Bagottiére was the house we bought in Normandy in 1990.The house has been wonderful for us for 20 years - as a holiday home. Being here all the time has meant that it is really too small, and has too little room for visitors. We looked at extending it, but the position of the site, and the problems of getting planning permission made that impossible, not to mention the cost. It is now owned by a charming belgian couple.

We have kept the website name as because it is easy to remember and type. Why not.

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